Show ” digit dialed! I am also interested in J2EE application development. Card worked great with defualt settings in VG and card. Displays the current settings for the selective reject mode. For this program to work, do you have to have a modem and phone line hooked up? Answer ; to pickup a phone call, but how to do this in 3rd party?

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Answering a Speakerphone Call The speakerphone application is loaded. However the values are only significant between and Then you can specify the address to which the call is to be transferred to, as shown in the figure:. My other areas of interest are: Then you can specify the address to which the call is to be transferred to, as shown in the figure: The timer also specifies the wait for silence time for the dial modifier in seconds.

For example, s is the version code from the modem used to test this document.

Agere AT Command reference guide |

Here I have specified the internet address since the call was an IP call. Send a atere to the remote modem in sequence with data default. RegisterCallNotifications ia[line], truetrue ,TapiConstants.


This value is valid only during a call. S6—Wait Time Before Dialing This register sets the length of time in seconds that the modem must pause after going off-hook before dialing the first digit of the telephone number. So far it works just fine. Please Sign up or sign tappi to vote.

TAPI 3.0 Application development using C#.NET

The user decides to pick-up the phone, which should initiate the following: The request index either identifies the maximum hold time when the requests agete granted or it identifies a problem code when the request is denied.

Please help mehow to register the line Thank You Mani. History Latest revised version. Can I use these icons for my projects or are they copyright protected?

Please note that there are no differences in the way modems are controlled between v4. The modem always pauses for a minimum of two seconds, even if the value of S6 is less than two seconds. Cookie Statement Hello, Your privacy is important to us. Then, I set it up and it says the Wave Driver isn’t installed.


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Transmit signal power level in —dBm 0— A value of zero prevents standby mode. The duration is specified in 0. Guest SmartLink modem works fine.

Enables protocol result codes default. Now in FAX mode, still off-hook and connected to incoming call. The third component is the duration of the tones.


The presentation format for an S register is very similar to the format used for an AT command. This modem was the recommended one to use as voice modem for Visi.

NET as the platform. However, the AT prefix is used for all examples.