Great combo it think. You should still consider it because it does sound great. I’m really happy with where this has taken my music. Why do you “have” to use the software mixer? First thing to do when you add a channel in the interface, is add a level meter and gain control pot to the top. Creative Drivers are used. High quality effects, etc.

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It didn’t break the bank either. Made like a standard pci card, no problems with it. I have switched to using Ubuntu as my main desktop for a while now. Luckily on the advice of one of the technicians, I went to Dell’s website to look for updates and found one that allowed the cpi to work on my computer. I use a lot of strings and it gave them great stereo separation. This thread is locked. I think they replaced the M with the M because of some international standards of lead manufacturing, and the M was lead-free from the start.

But converters are not the only thing that enu, as you well know.

Rate and Review This Product. All the Lynx products are top of the line, if you want to spend a little more dinero.


E-MU 1212M PCIe

I’m selling my M with Emulator X software. If someone could devise how to set up alsamixer to actually get some sound out would be great!

This is exactly what I want from an audio card. I’d buy it again if it was stolen, there just isn’t anything with this kind of audio quality at anywhere near this price. Clydewinder emu card gots no preamps on it thats why Oh I was thinking of the m like the cardbus one.

I packed it back in the box.

But if you’re ok with computers and you know how to route audio for mixing and mastering in real life. Hard to beat for the money, indeed. If this thing had a 11 i’d give it that. I’d say its good- You like options?

E-mu E-DSP soundcard problem after installing Windows 10 – Microsoft Community

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? MetalRockThrashPunk, Mainstream.

I just noticed that there is no alsa-driver download link on their homepage. I don’t even want it to play video games Overall: Our gear experts can help! What’s cool is that there are already a bunch of user groups and bulletin boards. I own a Dell Dimension and had to go to the site and download a BIOS update to get this sound card to work properly.


Find the card, right click uninstall and make sure to select uninstall device drivers if that option is presented and it should for some of the entries. The hardware DSP only has enough memory for a certain number of simultaneous FX; and as these are used up in your mix you’ll find that some effects in the palette become ‘greyed out’ as further options — the delays, reverbs and multi-effect chains are the hungriest and tend to go first! What more can one say?

I’ve never had any other expierences with soundcards but i have no problems with sound quality. I happen to have the m model.

Shut the machine down, install the card, boot, install Win 8. See all E-MU Products.

eum And do you have to or want to install the “daughter board” if you dont need digital out etc? Don’t let the full sail interns do the programming too.