A click on the bundle name opens a web page with detailed specifications. It’s very convenient and you can always have it at hand. The full number of the current series is But as a rule, Hewlett-Packard takes its warranties very seriously. The notebook, both open and closed, produces a very nice impression. It’s very convenient, especially when you start using it after a desktop keyboard.

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But most of the time you have an impression that it’s burned-out they should have done vice versa – the button is alight, when the sound is enabled; it would have been more logical. And finally, HP representatives, which lent us the notebook for tests, asked me later whether I wiped it or not – there appeared scratches on the keyboard frame. But they are all insignificant. By the way, I’d like to note one important peculiarity especially to those who don’t read manuals, like me — the remote control is installed into the Xpresscard slot on the rightnot into PCMCIA on the left!

But I’m a left-hander, so I automatically inserted the remote into the wrong pavilionn. In my opinion, it should have been done vice versa.

SD card reader in DV won’t work in Windows 7. Can’t fin – HP Support Community –

As such, it must be equipped with good components. It also seemed to me that the keyboard had minimal backlash in the center, it’s so insignificant that there are no negative side effects. It suggests an idea that the notebook will not look great forever. But the situation with vertical angles is not that peachy.


Inverted colors are especially irritating. You shouldn’t carry it with you very often, especially as we don’t know the consequences for its case. I cannot say I used the remote very often, because the notebook was usually close to me when I watched movies – it was more convenient to use the keyboard.

This series has always had a number of interesting peculiarities. Glossy finish makes the picture subjectively brighter and more saturated. By the way, it was one of the main gripes with new notebooks at the presentation — the lid gets dirty too fast, too many people thought that it would get scratched.

However, it’s not a problem for a desktop notebook. Message 3 of 3. These are handy features, especially as their interfaces are so simple that you can teach your family use them, even if Windows is too much for them. So, the remote comes in handy when you watch movies or listen to music, especially as it can also turn the notebook off.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? I failed to find the general bundle “high-handedly”.


HP Pavilion dv5 laptop card reader drivers

DV is a home multimedia model. Can anyone point me to a driver which works on this computer with Windows 7? Caps and Num lock indicators have a curious design — they are in the form of stripes at the side of the keyboard near the corresponding buttons. HP’s web site is actually well organized, you will have no problems finding necessary information. My attempt to find drivers gave this page.

On one hand, it’s a good desktop notebook with a decent battery life and a dv500 configuration. But it’s pardonable for such a device, which can be always carried with the notebook at that.

Did you try to install specific drivers or just install Windows 7 and hope it picked up the drivers? They light blue, when enabled.

It’s not a working notebook for travels – too large and heavy. If you press this button alone, scroll lock will be enabled, but the indicator will remain dead. I found no negative consequences. Horizontal angles are rather good, at least they are not irritating.