If the unit is in warranty, consider replacing it with new. I mean, it’s a personal computer speaker system. There’s a repair kit out there that’s supposed to be an upgrade, but I don’t recall where I saw it. If asked to fill the room with bass that rattles objects, it will disappoint. Already have an account?

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You tend to find this a lot with phones, YouTube videos and television stations. Those subs are known to be a bit crazy with the bass. It’s just not worth the trouble to dig around inside what is a ridiculously cheap piece of gear looking for some Chinese-made part to fix. Could replafement narrow down the problem because everything else aside from the speaker terminals is not easily serviceable.

I mean, it’s a personal computer speaker system. Seems like Klipsch started to cheap out on this particular set about years ago.

Klipsch ProMedia subwoofer repair – Page 1

Make sure rpelacement isn’t the case for you. I’m starting to believe in getting the most out of any speaker just by placement and how much it matters. That said, they ARE only something like six inches Joined Dec 6, Messages 10, 2.


Is your woofer surround intact? I think a part of the problem is, you want far more out of this speaker system than it’s replavement for. Posted January 1, Joined Dec 5, Messages 5, 1. Thanks for the response.

Replacement for Klipsch Promedia 2. And Logitech just never was up there.

No complaints so far aside from maybe that the speaker wire could have been a bit longer. I bet the new revised ones are not made the same at all klipch more so if the sub is like 8lbs lighter.

Joined Feb 11, Messages 1, 0. I went with the Z’s and actually pretty happy with them. I have the “new ones” and I have no complaints about them really. Forums New posts Search forums.

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One note to add: It’s not designed for making stuff in your room rattle. If this certain transformer is not available you after trying the eBay route you can use different ones as long as it has they have the same exact values and are also center tapped bipolar. Joined Oct 2, Messages 13, 2. No way I would turn it all the way up. Well, short of pulling the sub out of the cabinet and the amp out Rpomedia for this dumb question but Joined Jan 23, Messages 0. Can I add or replace the subwoofer for my Promedia 2.


Replacement for Klipsch Promedia 2.1

You must log in or register to reply here. Posted January 2, That’s really not much when you consider what you want out of it like, you personally. They’ve never ‘pounded’ my room however, they’ve always sounded mighty damn fine. Corsair has some gaming 2.