You can get basic functionality for this device in Windows XP, but the software for mapping keyboard buttons to controller buttons isn’t available. This is the DOS games forum. Long fix procedure but it works. Select the 6 button Joystick and throttle controller option. However, on later operating systems the digital mode would be less and less reliable, and on modern PCs most 3D Pro owners can only run in analog mode. Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system.

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My Sidewinder The oldest, 8-button, plugs into the joystick port variety was autodetected when I went into the Game Controllers control panel.

Microsoft SideWinder

Might work for the 3D Best Regards Steve. This site hosts no abandonware. Video gaming products by Microsoft.

Microsoft has not released the hardware specifications so that an open source driver could be developed. If you have more than one joystick installed, the procedures below may very well wipe out its registries also.

If it doesn’t – Keep on clickin – If it don’t never – then maybe there’s ppro solution?? The stick was auto-detected, and everything worked properly. After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out.

On the upper section, the programmable buttons mentioned above are located near the tips of the index, middle and ring fingers for quick access. In this mode, manual microsoct was required, the four base-buttons no longer function and, the joystick would function essentially like a CH Flightstick Pro or Thrustmaster FCS depending on the mode selector switch.


Sidewinder 3D Pro driver

The design incorporated a number of advanced features including adjustable weights, programmable macro mode, on- the- fly DPI change, and a built-in LCD display, the first ever found in a mouse.

Sorry this didn’t help.

Sat Dec 08, 3: Otherwise the differences were cosmetic, including shrinking the base, moving the throttle to the front of the base, and replacing 2 of the rounded buttons on the stick with more rectangular buttons. It features a total of 6 programmable command buttons, 2 zoom buttons, 3 shift buttons, a macro record button and a 3-point configuration switch. If you are connecting this to a Windows XP machine then the download isn’t going to work for you.

Gamepads sold on the website use Microsoft’s Xbox or Xbox One branding. Signatures can be seen inside the joystick, on the base coverplate. To disable auto-detect while adding the controller I would suggest you to disable auto-detect while adding the SideWinder Controller.

How the devil to get the Sidewinder to work in WinXP? – Ars Technica OpenForum

In addition, the mouse was made wireless, and the maximum DPI sensitivity was upped to Back up the registry. Last edited by StrikerMan on Todders96 Created on October 25, In analogue mode, the x- and y-axis were controlled by the analogue controller movements, and the D-pad was used as a hat switch.


The 3D Pro had a unique feature in that it could fall-back to an ‘analog emulation’ mode, where it could emulate either a CH Flightstick Pro or a Thrustmaster FCS Selectable by a switch on the basein environments where the digital mode would not work.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Delete the folder that the Sidewinder software was installed in. Support for this joystick was dropped with the advent of Windows XP. Install Windows XP 2.

In AugustMicrosoft announced they were relaunching the SideWinder line of gaming peripherals, starting with the SideWinder Mouse. Could require re-installing your other joystick.

MS sidewinder 3D pro joystick not detected – Microsoft Community

If you screw up the next step, Restore may fix it back. TXT file and hopefully still available from Microsoft. In the Open box, type “regedit” without the quotation marks.