It seems like there is a lose connection cause the webcam come on and goes off everytime the screen is tilted. Should i be worried about passwords or anything? My laptop has vertical lines that cause it to freeze up shortly after booting up. Can I just purchase a new windows software that overrides everything and get a new product key? What do you think?

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I doubt that cleaner will help. I acwr my processor is the TL I need a new body case for my Aspire Plug in the adapter and try turning it on.

[ubuntu] Acer Aspire WLMi – Installer doesn’t work.

Try reconnecting the memory module. Thanks guys for your replies. Try reimaging the hard drive using the recovery process. In this case, you will receive a full refund of the price paid for the Products in accordance with our refunds policy. Unfortunately, the only way to find out which one is causing it is testing the laptop with another known good hard drive.

Will be different numbers but same format. Does it change color at all when you turn on the laptop you might test it in a dark room?


Great site very helpful. 5635w,mi replaced the HDD with the same model and buttoned everything back up, but it was still reporting gibberish. I then cloned the original faulty drive to the new drive using a desktop PC the sata connections are the same for laptop and desktop drives.

SkibumsApr 29, You can see it on the page Can I just purchase a new windows software that overrides everything and get a new product key? If the laptop works fine with one of them, but hangs when another one is installed, the second module is bad. If you have the same problem with a new hard drive, apparently the motherboard has a faulty IDE channel or defective HDD connector.

Should i be acfr about passwords or anything? Is that possible or is it built into the motherboard? I have an acer aspire series.

Thanks a bunch, dude! Strangely enough, after another 5 seconds or so, it restarts itself, and repeats the cycle over and over. What do you mean you cannot set the time clock?

Aspire 5635WLMI feedback please.

Do you have any clue why this isnt charging or posting? I told him to bring it home with him and I would fix it. Tried some standard back door passwords no luck. Sometimes I get the blue screen of death.


Aspire WLMI feedback please. | NotebookReview

Acer Aspire wlmi File Name: Will replacing motherboard require resetting harddrive? Now suddenly does not recognize the 2 ram and must be only one in the ram slot to boot.

Upon powering up, my runs for about 5 seconds, then shuts itself off. I reloaded my driver for the audio to work 5635lwmi my acer Acer Travel mate Do not be blocked by a recalcitrant screw. We will notify you when a third party is involved in a transaction, and we may disclose your customer information related to that transaction to the third party seller.