A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Such as, “It’s not so funny meow, is it? The occupants of the car turn up later in the movie, as we all know. I suppose that since they were highway cops, the first thing they would want to buy would be a car. When Thorny said he’d still pull Farva over, Farva replied that he’d make his car wings and fly away. Rabbit sniffed the air and replied “Fear”. Both of the incorrect quotes are actually said by Mac, but before the game of ‘repeat’ begins in the case of the ‘you don’t weigh in, you don’t wrassle’ and while mimicking Foster, ‘We should have seen that coming’.

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The speeder was really Mac, another State Trooper, in disguise. The troopers are all getting breakfast. Last updated Dec 29 Farva tells Thorny this when they are in Dimpus Burger, right before Farva attacks the employee for poking a hole in his drink.

Galiganokous is a central figure in the protection plot involving the local cops and does show up later in the film. There is no Spurberry, VT – it’s a fictional town. The driver says “yeah sure” and Thorny asks him if he said “yes sir”, but he skap remember what he said.


We can infer from Capt. Foster steps back, leans into the window and says, ‘Meow! This happens at the shooting range towards the end of the film, just before Mac tests the bullet proof cup. Thorny responds, “Actually, Mac bet Foster he couldn’t say ‘meow’ ten times. Quizzes Xoap are 63 questions on this topic.

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If you find an error, click through to the quiz link under the stated answer and then click “Report error” at the bottom of that page. He’s buntg about a stray shot in the neck of the paper target. The actors actually chugged real maple bhnty for this scene. Such as, “It’s not so funny meow, is it?

They play the cat game and Foster has to say “meow” 10 times to the driver! If you’re buntyy in a corner, “Excuse me, are you saying ‘meow’? You’re Ramathorne, and I’m Rod. Foster had put a dummy holding a radar gun in his car to make it look like he was working. I use it at least weekly. This was before they showed the college boys that they had found their bag of marijuana.

The cotton candy blocked the view of another spectator and Rando beat him up with it. Rabbit sniffed the air and replied “Fear”. I wouldn’t worry about that little guy. This is from the second scene of the film in the diner. When Thorny said he’d still pull Farva over, Farva replied that he’d make his car bunyt and fly away. It’s mentioned later when Thorny is teamed up with Farva and they have pulled someone over, Farva inquires about the games that are played.


Rabbit and Thorny pull over the three guys that were littering and smoking the “reefer”.

All of the troopers call him Mac, but we find out that his last name is Womak in the bar, and the bartender says, saop I put this on your tab, Officer Womak? You can tell that he was fishing because he came back to his car holding a fish and wearing fishing clothes.

Larry Johnson is being written a citation for speeding?

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Galikanokus work for when Mac and Foster pull him over? This part of the movie is great! The driver of the car that has been pulled over says this to Thorny, as he is questioning him, in the opening scene.